Family lawyers are specialists in the branch of legal practice dealing with issues such as child support, family disputes, financial agreements, parenting contracts and property settlements. You may also need a family lawyer after settling issues such as divorce or inheritance, especially if disputes arise. This piece discusses the scenarios where you need family lawyers. 


Family lawyers are essential during the adoption process. The attorney helps you speed up the process and save time by preparing and filing all the relevant documents in time. Family lawyers also ensure that you interpret the legal language in adoption documents without errors. You can thereby execute the requirement of legal adoption documents and protect your interests. 

Family lawyers are also essential when, at birth, you choose adoption for your child. The support provided by a family lawyer ensures that the process protects your rights and wishes. Family lawyers also ensure that the entire process takes place ethically and legally. This scrutiny ensures that no one disputes the process in future and that every person adheres to the law. 


Your family might encounter an incident where a child needs emancipation. Emancipation implies that a person is no longer under the custody and control of patents. The emancipation process, if successful, is a permanent arrangement, and the minors must support themselves. A family lawyer is essential in ensuring such a process proceeds smoothly.

The court procedure starts with a court petition which your attorney files. A family lawyer knows the grounds upon which the judge can automatically guarantee the emancipation of a minor. For example, if you can prove incidences of physical violence that directly threaten the child, emancipation is more likely. Therefore, the attorney knows the factors the court examines to determine the case's outcome. 

Access and Custody

After the divorce, you must establish the person who stays with the children at different times. For example, you may decide that the children only reside with their mum and visit their dad on the weekends. However, this arrangement may not go by as smoothly as you hope. One party might ask for sole custody or violate the terms of your custody agreement.

A family lawyer helps you resolve differences regarding access to and custody of children. The attorney can act as an arbitrator, ensuring both parties achieve an amicable solution. You may also resolve issues such as the relocation of one spouse or differences regarding the child's welfare. 

Family lawyers are necessary during adoption, emancipation, and settling access and custody hearings. Reach out to a law firm, such as Marriott Oliver Solicitors Pty Ltd, to learn more.