Most people have a difficult time seeking compensation for car accident injuries. In this extract, you will learn the dos and don'ts of car accident claims. 

The Dos

Do the following once you are hit by a motorist. 

Collect Evidence

At the accident scene, take the registration details of the driver and vehicle that hit you. You could also take the phone numbers of a few witnesses at the accident scene. Some pictures will come in handy.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Seek medical attention after the accident. You risk severing your injuries if you do not go to the hospital. During settlement negotiations, the insurance company could argue that you intentionally severed the injuries to compel the insurer to pay you more. 

Hire A Compensation Lawyer

A compensation lawyer will assist you with the claims process. Your lawyer will do the following: 

Assess your situation to know whether you qualify for compensation. For instance, in Australia, you cannot make a claim three years after the accident.

Initiate settlement negotiations with the insurance company by proving a negligent driver hit you.

Assess your injuries to determine suitable compensation. You could also claim extra compensation for loss of wages and pain and suffering.

Take your case to a judge if you do not accept the insurance company's offer.

The Don'ts

Avoid the following when seeking compensation for a car accident injury:

Do Not Fake Your Injuries

Some people will fake their injuries to increase their compensation. Insurance companies conduct thorough background checks on your medical history. They cannot compensate you for previous injuries. If you fake your injuries, you will put your lawyer at a disadvantage during negotiation meetings. The insurance company will also reduce the offer.

Do Not Talk To The Adjuster Without A Lawyer

You are not obligated to talk with the insurance adjuster. If he or she asks for an interview, tell your lawyer to accompany you. The lawyer will clarify any questions that you do not understand. Besides, the professional will tell you what you should or shouldn't answer. 

Do Not Accept Quick Settlement

Some people fall into the trap of accepting a quick settlement from the insurance company. A quick settlement means that the insurance company admits fault. Let your lawyer fight on to increase your compensation. However, you must be patient since the insurer could drag the case on for months. 

When making a car accident, collect evidence at the site, seek medical attention and hire a compensation lawyer. Do not fake your injuries, talk to an adjuster without a lawyer or accept a quick settlement.