Selling a house can be a stressful process that involves a lot of steps where you as the seller need to have quite a lot of knowledge and ability to compromise. As selling a house is a complicated procedure with quite a lot of money involved, it's important that you get it right so that neither you nor the buyer are displeased with the affair. In order to make the selling of your house as hassle free as possible, while also making it a fair deal for both you and the buyer, there are a few things you can do.


As you're hiring an estate agent to take care of the sale itself, you should also hire a conveyancer. Engaging a professional for your conveyancing needs at that early point in the process will make the conveyancing itself simpler and quicker, meaning you won't have to wait for it to be completed. The conveyancer can finish the searches for your property before you even have a buyer, which makes the actual selling of the house faster. Make a decision on what conveyance to hire before you even put the house up for sale so that the negotiations aren't delayed by you having to find the right person for the job.


After you've found a buyer and exchange draft contracts, it's common that the buyer wants to have the house surveyed before completing the deal. If they find any major flaws with the house, you will have to get back to the drawing table and make a new contract, and you'll probably have to spend time and money on fixing what's wrong with the house. To avoid this, you should have a survey of your own made by a professional. This will ensure you that nothing is wrong with the house you want to sell, and also give you more time in case there really is anything that has to be fixed before selling the house.

Moving out

When you've exchanged the final version of the contract with the buyer, you still have some time before you have to move out of your house, as you won't have to be out of there until the deal is completed. However, to make things easier for yourself and for the buyer, you might want to move out before completion date. This means you can take more time packing without stress, and also helps the buyer as they can get into the house. They might want to do this to, for example, take measurements for their furniture or to start moving in.