When you file for divorce, you might assume you don't need a lawyer because you don't have children or you and your spouse are still on good terms. However, there are many different situations that require help from a divorce lawyer.

There is a Threat of Violence

A divorce attorney is recommended when you believe your spouse will be abusive toward you, or has a history of domestic violence. They can help you file a restraining order against your spouse, which prohibits them from coming near you or your children. The temporary restraining order can also protect your property and personal belongings, keeping them from being able to give away or sell your property. The lawyer can help you navigate restraining orders, help you do everything legally, and decide what actions need to be taken to get through the divorce safely.

Mediation Might be Necessary

Mediation is a great way to get through the divorce proceedings with a simple settlement and to avoid divorce court. If you believe you and your spouse can come to an agreement on how to settle property and custody arrangements for your pets and children, you might want to go with mediation. For mediation, you should have a divorce attorney that helps set it up. They will guide you through the process and give you information about what occurs with mediation. However, a neutral third-party will actually be the one leading the mediation.

You Have Children Together

If you and your spouse have children, you should have a divorce attorney to work out child custody arrangements. Even when you believe that you and your spouse will be able to agree on child custody with a shared custody arrangement and no issues with child support, there is no telling what could happen later on. It is best to have a divorce attorney that can discuss the arrangement with your spouse's attorney and come to a reasonable settlement. This helps you to avoid going to divorce court and dealing with a long child custody battle.

You Own a Business

Another thing that can complicate divorce proceedings is when you and your spouse own a business together. This can get very tricky when separating your business assets, deciding which spouse maintains the business and which one leaves, and figuring out what the other spouse will do after leaving the company. It is best to have a divorce attorney to help you with this type of situation.