A motor vehicle accident is always a terrible experience that can lead to severe injuries and even death in the worst cases. Many things can take place after an accident, including calling for help, informing individuals about the accidents, or inspecting the severity of the damage of the vehicle and property around, among other things. Regardless of what you do, it is always important that you don't break the law. Therefore, where reasonably practicable, for instance, where you only suffered minor injuries, the following are your legal obligations that you should follow when involved in an accident.

Legal Obligation to Stop

What Should You Do After Stopping?

The first thing you should do after being involved in an accident is to stop immediately, whether you were the one who made the mistake or not. After stopping, you are required to give your details or particulars to three groups of people. First, you need to exchange your details with any other drivers or their representatives. You will also exchange the details with any other person involved or injured in the accident, such as pedestrians or passengers or their representatives. Last, you need to exchange the details with owners of any property, including vehicles or buildings and structures damaged in the accident.

What Are These Particulars?

The details or particulars include your name and address, the name and address of the vehicle's owner in case it was not yours, the vehicle's registration number, or any other available information that is deemed essential to identify the car.

Legal Obligation to Report to the Police

What Is The Severity Of The Injuries?

In other cases, you may be required to report and share your particulars to the police. To begin with, if the accident results in critical injuries or even death of any person involved, you have the legal obligation to inform the police right away.

Have The Particulars Been Shared?

If for any reason there hasn't been the exchange of particulars from either party to the required groups of persons as above, you are required to call and give the police your details as soon as possible.

Are Any Vehicles Being Towed Away?

Until the situation has been handled effectively, other vehicles may not be required to tow away any vehicles involved in the accident. Therefore, call the police if you see any vehicle being towed while the accident hasn't been handled yet, for instance, if particulars haven't been shared.

For more information on what actions to take after an accident, you may want to contact an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer